Version 3.9a released!

Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Steam and Source SDK Base 2007 (comes with most Valve games, including free TF2)

Dedicated server 3.9a Full (Windows and Linux supported)

Version 3.9 highlights.
- CrippleCreek and RioBravo maps by RedYager
- Large weapon graphical update by Paul68rageous: axe, bow, Henry rifle, knife, Sharps rifle, coachgun, Colt Navy, dynamite and brass knuckles
- Many levels have been updated/improved, some new game modes included
- New survival mode, features new zombie AI and higher co-op focus (only available for Presidio map at this moment)
- Gold Rush custom game mode: take a gold sack to a capture zone protected by enemies before times runs out (asymmetric mode)
- The Good, The Bad and The Bot game mode: can you tell humans from bots? Then kill any other human before they kill you
- Improved multiplayer bots, more responsive, can play new game modes, certain glitches fixed
- Dynamite related updates: alive sticks can be picked up again, explode when shot (Eagle Eye perk increases the chances to hit), fuse changes color when is about to explode
- Load-out quick launch menu: load your equipment presets in 1 click
- Colt Walker has a reload animation now. S&W Schofield loses unused ammo in cylinder after reload
- Important fix: client crash caused due certain impact decals into local player model

Full Notes

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