Standalone version on Steam released!
Now you can just download a renewed version of Fistful of Frags from Steam directly.


(Steam must be running)

Main features:

● Classic deathmatch and up to 4 teams deathmatch, 4 renewed maps
● Detailed dual wield system: double dynamic crosshair, weapon flip for extra accuracy options, drop or throw your handguns as projectile attack
● Advanced multiplayer bots for off-line practice
● Historical black gunpowder based weapons as Colt Peacemaker/Navy/Walker, S&W Schofield, Volcanic pistol, Deringer, Smith Carbine, Sharps rifle or Henry Rifle
● Gear customization: primary/secondary weapons and special perks
● Skill based scoring system: the more skill required to accomplish an attack, the higher score will be
● Source Engine 2013: better multicore CPU support (higher and more stable FPS), VR headset, Linux and Mac OSX clients.

Version 3.9 (non Steam)

Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Steam and Source SDK Base 2007 (comes with most Valve games, including free TF2)

Dedicated server 3.9a Full (Windows and Linux supported)

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