Version 3.8 release notes

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Version 3.8 release notes

Postby RYell » Tue Dec 04, 2012 7:12 pm


- coachgun slightly more powerful
- rare bot related crash fixed
- fixed wrong spawn place after autobalance
- linux build updated to latest revision


- Smith carbine redone: new model/texture by Paul68Rageous
- Duel_ maps playable again (fixed block bullet material, well, more like a hack than proper fix but you won't notice muhahahah)
- bots can be added manually to duel_arena ('sv_cheats 1' and 'bot')
- fixed: duel may start by error in coop maps


- Added individual duel tournament, every player faces each other 2 times. How to start: set deathmatch mode and then use 'votemode' chat command or 'fof_duel_start' in console.
- Fixed wrong precaching done over some assets, possibly behind general instability (server and client)
- Fixed zombies respawning in deathmatch mode for some maps
- Improved duel mechanics: a "draw!" voice plays to indicate when players must shoot.
- Zombie survival: fixed issue with many players and weapon crates/zombies not spawning. Also death notices were removed to fit better the uncompetitive setting meant for this mode.
- Added check to prevent duel_ maps from being played, since they are bugged and can't be fixed until next big update.
- Known issues: coldblood map crashes in dedicated servers, feel free to removed from maps/ folder

3.8a patch

- Duels using free aim revolver available in all team versus maps: can be started by vote ('votemode' in chat) or automatically if score is tied when map ends. Also if you are admin or playing in local game, write 'fof_duel_start' in console.
- Fix: crash in fof_coldblood due incorrect zombie spawn system. Please note that due large map size, it still may crash occasionally but a lot less than before
- Added convar fof_bank_showreport to customize how cash earnings are displayed (0 = use menu, 1 = use chat, 2 = console)
- Rebalanced coachgun and shotgun damage, slightly less from close, higher from far away
- Fix: HL2 derived AI (zombies/co-op) lagging in on-line games
- Fix: help screen being too small in lower resolutions
- Fix: bank cash decreased due FF damage in duels
- Fix: animation glitch and viewmodel issue when player drops free aim gun
- Fix: glitch that happens when a second handgun is drawn when primary gun is in fanning mode
- Fix: players able to select any equipment in restricted equipment maps (fof_brawl)
- Fix: Zombies spawning on roofs in fof_coldblood
- Custom mode map length can be extended up to 60 minutes


- Snowy map and winter themed assets by Leon Kilean. This is a classic push the cart versus variant in a cold/winter themed environment
- Forest map by Yester, both teams defend each own base and have to explore map to upgrade their weapons.
- BigBarn map by R_Yell, features 2 stage gameplay: 1. defending team builds up defenses, 2. combat
- Coolblood map by R_Yell: huge map meant for zombie survival
- Zombie Survival: spawn without anything but your bare hand and feet as weapons. Find your way to weapon crates spawned around the map and deal with zombie hordes surrounding them. CUstom engagement rules: play as vigilante (friendly to other vigilantes) or desperado (can attack anyone including other desperados). Featuring new custom zombie AI.
- Improved bot navigation, more natural enemy acquisition, better objective completion and customization. Bots can use whiskey jug and rifles without issue.
- New server side bank account and stats. Player's capture cash is stored in a database. Credits goes to Winston for its SQLite integration in Source Engine.
- Mare's leg secondary attack mode: quick fire
- Nature map props by neahc
- New listen server creation menu, new options exposed and easier to use
- New loot crate model/skin and Schofield skin by Paul 68 Rageous
- Bullet penetration: a single projectile may hit up to 2 targets based on total damage
- Player models show flinch animations when hurt (different for small/large damage and headshot)
- More blood splatter for melee attacks
- New convar fof_pp_allowed to disable any post process effect
- A more accurate visual damage indicator
- Bullet whiz sound effect (re-added)
- Snow footstep sounds by Snowman, zombie sounds by Vosvoy and Slave2theLight (


- A hitbox related issue: broken hitboxes when player models rotates (SDK bug).
- Animation events not being sent correctly to some clients sometimes
- Bullets stopping when they hit glass, salt shells can't break glass
- Next map poll works as intended now
- Wrong co-op winner message
- Knife/axe still getting through terrain sometimes
- Players unable to respawn in crowded DM small maps
- Wrong Whiskey jug collision mesh

Combat related changes:

- Overall player speed slightly increased
- Slightly higher accuracy for most revolvers and rifles
- Damage decreases player speed momentarily
- Higher rate of fire for Schofield, Henry rifle
- Quicker reload: Coachgun, Winchester shotgun, Colt Navy, Colt Peacemaker, Colt Walker, Mare's Leg, Henry rifle and Schofield
- Axe miss animation plays faster (shorter recovery time)
- Iron sights can be turned on much quicker (carbine and Henry)
- Sawed off shotgun's cost lowered to 20, damage increased when using salt ammo
- Boiler plate's performance degrades over the time
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Re: Version 3.8 release notes

Postby Weasel » Thu Jan 03, 2013 10:52 pm

I noticed on the web-site there's mention of a version "3.8b" now?
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Re: Version 3.8b release notes

Postby RYell » Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:04 am

Yes sorry I was proceeding with 3.8b update when you reported the nav mesh issue so it was halted and I forgot about this.
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Re: Version 3.8b release notes

Postby coach » Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:03 pm

[quote="RYell"]Yes sorry I was proceeding with 3.8b update when you reported the nav mesh issue so it was halted and I forgot about this.[/quote]

So the current latest release is still 3.8a?
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Re: Version 3.8b release notes

Postby RYell » Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:30 pm

For clients is 3.8b, only dedicated server is halted.
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Re: Version 3.8 release notes

Postby RYell » Thu Feb 21, 2013 12:54 pm

3.8d added, this one is only meant for dedicated servers, specially for Linux ones which only had 3.8a build available.
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